Christmas In July Lyrics

Running late gonna miss your flight
But the, plane’s delayed, you’re gonna make it back home tonight
Sometime life turns a page
In an unexpected way

Put on your coat when it starts to rain
Slip your hands in your pockets and there’s $23 bucks and change
Sometimes life has a way
To put a smile back on your face

Eyes wide open
But I never saw it coming
Snow is falling
On a cloudless summer day
You took me completely by surprise
Like Christmas in July
You’re like Christmas in July

A great space at the parking lot
You took a wrong turn along the way, but you didn’t get lost
Sometimes you find your way
Even when you’ve made mistakes

A long way down a lonely road
And there’s our song on the radio, takin’ me home
Sometimes it blows me away
How it all falls into place

Chorus –
Just when I’m sure, I need no one else
Unexpectedly I turn around
And I find
Myself wrapped up in you

You can lose everything you had
And just like that in a flash you can win it all back
Sometimes, you’ve got to have faith

Chorus –