Plastic Love Lyrics

I didn’t know what I had
But I’m learning
And even though it’s in the past
It keeps turning

Round and round inside my head
Promises we never kept
That hidden truth beneath the lie was never there

I can’t change what we’ve become
And I can’t undo what’s done is done
What we began is over
And now I know I’ll never be the same

Do you still have days
When you’re feeling small
Are you searching for something
With your face to the wall
Do you still believe?
Are you having doubts?
If you’re worried about me
I’m working it out
I’m working it out

I laid my head in your hands
Trusting you
With everything that I had
Wanting to

Be what you couldn’t be without
The only thing you cared about
But I’m just an ending
You’re beginning something else, now

I only see what I can see
And you took the better part of me
Looks like there’s no such missing
That even time won’t make me whole again

Chorus –

With all your weight still on my shoulders
I scale these walls but can’t get over
I don’t know why I just can’t let you go
And do the rest of this alone
Do the rest of this alone

I didn’t know what I had
But I’m learning…

It felt so real
This plastic love
Can’t help feel
Feel so much

Chorus –