To Be That Brave Lyrics

I was trapped in a box
That I made myself
Out of touch, out of reach
Up on the highest shelf

Windows closed lights are off
And there’s no one home
Secret place, where I’m safe
No one would ever know

Something inside of me
Was waiting for a chance to be
Just a little stronger
Just a little more complete

And when the walls start shakin’
And the glass starts breakin’
And there’s no one here to save me
Here to save me but myself
No I won’t be afraid, to be that brave

Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice we’re thru
Hide away from the place
I used to share with you

Everything, everywhere
Every breath you’re there
So I breathe in the hurt
I’m running out of air

Something inside myself
Is changing into someone else
Just a little stronger
Just a little more compelled

And when all hope starts fadin’
And my faith’s been shaken
And there’s nothing to believe in
I’m believing in myself
No I won’t be afraid
To be that brave

Not gonna play it safe
Yeah I’m gonna make mistakes
This time I’ll find a way
To be the one to change
No I won’t be afraid